Become fluent in multilingual content


List of services

Guidance on overall Localization strategy

  • Align Localization strategy so it supports the organization globalization strategy
  • Ensure Localization strategy facilitates attainment of Marketing goals and targets in local markets
Localization Program Management

  • Planning and set-up new Localization program:
    • Assessment of client globalization goals
    • Assessment of client current Localization efforts (if any)
    • Assessment of client internal systems
    • Formulate and finalize a Localization program
    • Initial set-up of Localization program
    • Training of internal localization resources
  • Optimization of existing Localization program – gain efficiencies and streamline processes:
    • Ensure use of Localization industry standard file formats (xliff, xml, resx.) for seamless import/export of translated content.
    • Ensure the program follows Localization best practices.
    • Ensure access to translation portal for translations orders and deliveries
    • Language Quality Assurance program development
    • Optimization of source content for multilingual sites
    • Optimization of multilingual content delivery systems and processes
  • Automation of existing Localization processes
    • Implementation of translation management systems (TMS) to automate the translation workflow
    • Implementation of connectors between CMS and TMS for seamless transfer and publication of translated content
Localization resourcing (human and technical resources)

  • Vendor selection and management.
  • Evaluation and implementation of MT component
  • Technical tool selection and implementation (CAT tool, TMS, API, etc.)
Planning and set-up of translation assets:

  • Terminologies
  • Translation Memories
  • Style guides
  • Ensure easy and direct access to translation assets
Marketing communication Localization

  • Assessment of best communication media for target markets
  • Ensure proper localization of marketing communication for target market
  • Translation vs marketing translation vs transcreation
  • Planning and sourcing of multilingual social media channels
iGaming specific

  • Development of product specific workflows (eg. Sportsbook, Casino, Mobile etc.)
  • Facilitate automation of multilingual Sportsbook dynamic content (eg. bet types, time periods, league names, team names etc)
  • Creation of product specific Terminologies (eg. Sportsbook, Casino, Mobile etc.)