iGaming sites are some of the most multilingual sites on the internet, as their services have global reach. In many cases global expansion happens quickly, with little time to plan for the large volumes of multilingual content. The implementation of a well structured Localization and Multilingual Content Program will efficiently manage all this content.

  • Do you copy/paste translated content in your systems?
  • Do you use email to order and get delivery of translation work?
  • Do your country offices manage their own translations and content, with no centralized process or translation assets?
  • Do you have no access or control of your Terminologies, Style Guides, and Translation Memories?

If you answer “Yes” to any of the above questions, your organization would greatly benefit from a Localization and Multilingual Content Program.

Benefits of a Localization and Multilingual Content Program:

  • Cut or limit translation costs and turn around times
  • Significantly reduce errors in content
  • Significantly reduce time to update translated content
  • Eliminate time consuming and tedious administrative tasks
  • Gain efficiencies through streamlining processes among country offices
  • Gain consistency in delivering your message to international clients

iGaming specific services

  • Development of product specific workflows (eg. Sportsbook, Casino, Mobile etc.)
  • Facilitate automation of multilingual Sportsbook dynamic content (eg. bet types, time periods, league names, team names etc)
  • Creation of product specific Terminologies (eg. Sportsbook, Casino, Mobile etc.)