Alessandra Binazzi Localization management consultant focused on developing localization programs tailored to needs of companies just venturing into or at the early stages of a multilingual business strategy. Specialized in the iGaming sector with particular attention to sportsbook localization.

A 25+ years multi-lingual professional with a surprisingly varied experience and one common thread: International markets and customers.

✪ Localization management combines two areas of professional experience and interest: language and technology. Evangelist for “think Global, act Local”. Seasoned Project Manager with solid technical and process knowledge.

✪ Exposure to different industries, both in the private and non-profit sectors, enables faster understanding of the driving factors and dynamics of any industry.

✪ Direct involvement in an array of functions, contributes to deeper knowledge of the operations of many companies.

✪ MBA training instilled an appreciation for data analysis to gain insight and support decisions. Ability to see the big picture and think strategically.


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